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Ooredoo QSC (Arabic: أريد‎; formerly Qtel) is an international telecommunications company headquartered in Doha, Qatar. Ooredoo provides mobile, wireless, wireline, and content services with market share in domestic and international telecommunication markets, and in business (corporations and individuals) and residential markets.


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Former Employee - Mechanical Engineer says

"Low salary and bad place"

Former Employee - Sales Executive says

"horrible work environment , treat their employees very poorly, stressful unprofessional work environment , minimum training, unrealistic monthly targets that you cannot achieve, no breaks"

Current Employee - Sales says

"None . nothing zero void"

Current Employee - RF Engineer says

"salary, salary, salary and salary"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"very very very bad politics unhealthy work-life balance.. many issues and problems within the company. many "mafias" : indian, kuwaiti, egyptian, pakistani...etc a war between these groups has made life miserable for many people and a lot of victims have been fired due to this politics wars. management promote a healthy image on social media but the truth is, it is really hell over there and i am happy i escaped!! slow evolution, dont expect promotions as people have been working in the same position for years. they usually hire an external person from outside for higher positions instead of promoting from within"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"politics, lack of respect, no promotion, back stabbing, no future"

Current Employee - Pricing says

"Highly political, un-accommodating to new staff and polarized workforce. Not recommended for someone who prefers work environment over HR benefits. Feels like being caged in work."

Current Employee - Marketing says

"Cheap, treating people like disposals, very bad culture to work with"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Low career growth and development"


"Contract issues, miscommunications, poor communication once company grew over a few hundred staff members, didn't pay bonuses as promised despite staff flogging themselves for 6 and 7 days a week and putting in huge hours, many contract aspects refuted or not honored and many aggrieved locals. Expats got contracts terminated left right and centre and some haven't still been paid their basic entitlements. Worst HR department you will ever come across. Never respond to emails and never answer to issues. Disrespectful of local staff and don't function as a team. Issues with allocated drivers IF you were lucky enough to get one, mine was promised in my contract but not honored and I had to live in a container, like human cattle because my allowance couldn't afford me a house or an apartment. Absolute nightmare of a working experience."

Call Centre Agent (Current Employee) says

"The working environment in ooredoo is quite complicated and stressful. Basically, our job I sto answer customer inquiries and calls and provide them with better solutions. At ooredoo , life is quite difficult."

Intern (Former Employee) says

"I interned at Ooredoo Tunisia for 1 month. I had no access to any equipment including the internet. My supervisor only talked to once. I was completely neglected and not guided in any way what so ever. At the beginning I was promised to get paid, now 2 years later and I didn't get paid."

Customer service Representative (Current Employee) says

"long boring day, lack of motivation, the most enjoyable part of the day is the end of the shift, the hardest part of the day , is being therenonemany Cons"

Call Center Team Leader (Current Employee) says

"Of the 8 years of service to ooredoo each 6-7 months new management would be in place and only experiments used to be held and would fail. With out motivating and indulging with staff no one can achieve the targets .this is something they should always depend upon !!ExperiencePoor management"

Sales executive (Current Employee) says

"Ooredoo QSC is an international telecommunications company headquartered in Doha, Qatar. Ooredoo provides mobile, wireless, wireline, and content services with market share in domestic and international telecommunication markets, and in business and residential markets."

EXPERT MAINTENENCE (Former Employee) says

"travail sur terrain, travail d’équipe,jour soir nuit fin de semaine"

Stagiaire (Former Employee) says

"Une première expérience assez agréable autant que stagiaire"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"i worked as a call center agent and it was really boring.Days filled with calls,calls & only calls. If you have 7 hrs work a day,in which break of an hour and rest of the 6 hours talking to some arogent customers"

Customer Care Manager (Former Employee) says

"On SundayI begin by going over the list from the previous week, setting priorities. I review the progress of existing tasks, then check the calendar to refresh my memory on the upcoming week. I like to meet with my staff early,to discuss priorities, check progress, and then prepare for the following week. I want to make sure, as much as possible, that we can all dedicate to tasks that move projects forward, so I make habits out of organizational tasks for speed"

Corporate Financial Analayst (Former Employee) says

"well i start my day with processing the invoices, getting approval from FC and sending to treasury By lots of training i am expert user in excel so that the good thing i learned from Ooredoo, and same as the hardest part of job is month end closing, were i find difficult to balance my work and life balance."

Area Manager (Current Employee) says

"Very busy. A fantastic experience as a team. The management is good. My coworkers are excellent professionals. The hardest part of the job is time management is difficulty between work and family. I love to have brain storming sessions with project management.BonusLong working hours"

customer service representative (Former Employee) says

"as a fresh graduate, this place was a good start for my career experience and I learned many things like customer service and how to deal with people."

Call center (Former Employee) says

"The worke place was full of life and active we worke in the office as family for one goll wich is make the customer hapy with our servis Thise think make me worke hard with out filing poringNoYes 1 hr"

Senior Specialist Information security Architect (Current Employee) says

"The company have a planned well long term strategy that make employees able to have a clear plan of their career. Perople are nice and respectful, Evryone is sharing knowledge.Free cofeehealthcare, travels"

Responsable des ventes (Former Employee) says

"une entreprise en plein croissance mais il n'y a pas une bonne gestion de carrière au niveau de la RH.bonus fin d'annéepas de plan de gestion de carrière"

Project Manager - Marketing (Former Employee) says

"it was nice experience working with ooreedoo in the pricing team where we used to be involved in creating new packages for the customers and assess if it's good against competitionno pressureroutine"

Conseiller technique (Former Employee) says

"bonne occasion pour travailler en tant que technico-commercialetravailler dans une société multinationale, savoir comment tréter les clientnombre d'heur par jour"

Inbound Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"i have work couple of years with this company and the staff was quite friendly and supportive, the only thing is you can't be noticed in a call center job with 100 plus employees even though if you work hard and reach your target, there's no promotion."

Ingénieur SI (Current Employee) says

"Un bon environnement de travail avec des perspectives d'apprentissage solide"

Ingénieur Système, virtualisation et stockage (Current Employee) says

"Working conditions are all very good and Ooredoo takes care of their employees without compromising the efficiency and output of their staff because of a budget."

Qtralthani says

"Paid for 550 unlimited wifi and it keeps on cutting me off after 2 weeks even though I it\'s unlimited and all. Bills are paid on time. "

Constantine says

"I will never going to use Ding again. They made a terrible currency exchange rates 20% less than official rate), they took fee for this scam and I don’t even know if my transfer get to recipient at all."

Ginster says

"Do not use this company. Anything goes wrong, and it will, they will not refund you and pass on the blame to someone else such as the network used. Customer service is very long and will not follow up unless you push and push and in the end "truly sorry, just contact the credited network". I lost £12 and lots of time. Do yourself a favour. Find an other compan that isn't Ill defined in conception & ineffective in its execution."

des says

"I wanted to use Ding to recharge a mobile in Honduras, but couldn't even register. Every time I tried to define a PW (rules state: minimum 7 characters, minimum 1 number) I get refused, saying first I should enter a valid PW, and when clicking on revise my PW I come to en error page. Useless..."


"I didn't get my refund"

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